Grumpy Cheeky


Monday was a very sad day for my husband…

I came home from work around 19:30 as usual. I talked to Cheeky “Hi, Cheeky. Been a good boy?”. “......” “Cheeky,  M-chan’s home!" ".....” He did not answer me, looking the other way.

Grumpy Cheeky.JPG

My husband said, “Cheeky did not even chirp a word since I came home.” What happened??

He finished his work early on Monday and was driving home車(RV), thinking “I can let Cheeky out of the cage earlier today. He must be happy for that!”. Then his car stopped suddenly…ダッシュ(走り出すさま) The engine wouldn't start at all… He dealt with the mishap and finally got home at 18:15, it was already dark. “Cheeky, Sorry I’m late.” “Cheeky, I’ll let you out now! Come here!!” “......”失恋

As I mentioned before, my husband normally comes home after 4:00 and opens the cage door. Cheeky can fly around the house to check every room and say hello to the birds outside before it gets dark. But…it was already dark and he couldn't fly to the rooms. He wasn't happy at all.

Cheeky kept silent in his cage … very quiet… “Chirp.” … “He chirped!” “Look! He’s out!” However, Cheeky was still grumpy at my husband not opening his cage. He came only to me, not to my husband. He chirped only to me小鳥, not to my husband. He came only to my hand手(チョキ), not to my husband's. So cute顔(メロメロ)

Next morning, my husband stayed home because his car was in a workshop but Cheeky never went to him. Cheeky followed me around.

To the kitchen.

On my computer.
on computer.JPG

When I was going out…

Are you saying I attracted him with foodexclamation&question No!I did not! … Did I …exclamation&question

Once Cheeky went to my husband’s head to simmer his bun then, “Ops, I am supposed to be still grumpy at him.” He quickly went back to the cage. Cu-teハートたち(複数ハート)

Cheeky tried hard to show his grumpiness to my husband but finally he accepted my husband’s apology. They reconciliated after I went for work. Cheeky was happy on my husband’s shoulder on Tuesday afternoon, chirping around. Cheeky wants to live a regular routine every day, which means we cannot leave him alone for a night out…顔(汗).

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Babies are growing big!


Cheeky 1Mar07 2.JPG

After a big stretch, he went straight to his favourite place to say good morning to Turquoise parrots.

looking out the window.JPG

As a family member, he must be wondering how the two babies are today. Cheeky is not a baby anymore because he has got younger brothers (or sisters).

Since I first wrote about the babies, they have grown quite lot.

Here is B1(Baby 1)
B1 1Mar07.JPG

And B2(Baby 2)
B2 1Mar07.JPG

I haven’t decided on their names yet, I know I should たらーっ(汗) but B1 & B2 is easy to remember and I can tell the difference between the two.

B1 is the one which came out of the nesting box first. He is slightly bigger than B2 but his feathers haven't grown evenly yet and you can see a few patches of skin. As they say that you are what you are, B1 is restless and scares easily. When I go to change the water every morning, he flies around小鳥 and around小鳥 and around小鳥 … as if he thinks I am going to kidnap him.

On the other hand, B2 is very quiet and calm. He always watches me doing their cage from the top perch. Even though he is smaller than B1, his feathers have grown evenly, unlike B1. He is like Ollie, his father. He’s got a very gentle face and temperament.

The lady at the pet shop where we bought Ollie said we should remove the nesting box from the aviary to prevent Goldie laying eggs for at least a further six months. She needs her energy back to retain her health before having more babies.

Does Cheeky want more babies? Would he like to have bigger family? Mm… he does not seems to care abut it.小鳥 That’s alright! He doesn’t have to as long as he grows up happily揺れるハート

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Favourite place - My husbnd's head


Cheeky has been growing up day by day, not only in “weight” but “mentally”. He often shimmers his bun on our heads. The doctor told us that he is showing his affection to us.

For the first few weeks, he always came to my head. As he always tried to do it in the morning before I went to work, I chased away him, saying “Cheeky, please!! Not on my head!! You may do poo poo フン on me.” Saying that though, I was happy because Cheeky trusted and loved me.わーい(嬉しい顔)

However…these days he goes straight to my husband's head most of the time... He used to chase him away,“Go away, Cheeky!!” but Cheeky was determined and kept going back to my husband's head, shimmering, shimmering… ” Cheeky... Here is my head! You can shimmer on my head... but he does not listen to me and goes back to my husband, shimmering, shimmering...

On his head 1.JPG

As I have decided that I would let cheeky do whatever he likes and I would spoil him as much as I can, my husband has to put up with it for me and Cheeky. If Cheeky likes his head, my husband has to allow him to do that. My poor husband! He let Cheeky shimmer his bun on his head for nearly an hour… Look at his face!

On his head..JPG

Wow… Cheeky looks like as if he is feeling so good! Is he showing affection to my husband and trying to mating to his head?? My husband and Cheeky are the same sex, though…たらーっ(汗) Is there any difference between showing affection and trying to mate to peoples's head in a birds' world?

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Health Check Up - Surprise truth revealed!!


I browsed the Internet about budgie diseases, health, etc... and started worrying about our Cheeky顔(汗) Is Cheeky too fat? Has she got a disease because her beak has a white mark ?? Is she really a girl??? An internet site says that a male bird shimmers its bum to show affection and she does the similar thing to our heads...

We decided to take her to vet to solve all those worries.

It was twenty minutes drive to the veterinary clinic車(セダン) There were dogs there and I was worried if Cheeky would be scared to see such big fluffy things for the first time, but... it was only myself who got panicky. Cheeky was relaxed all the time, chirping to herself小鳥

It was not a posh gorgeous clinic, but a clean and neat place. The doctor came to the waiting room to see cheeky, saying a friendly“Hello, you must be Cheeky, how are you today?”Cheeky was still chirping to herself happily小鳥

Now, the time has come to ask questions!!

Q1: Is Cheeky a girl or a boy?
A1: Cheeky is a boy! Her, "oops", not "her" any more. His cere (above the beak) is changing its colour to blue... Not quite blue yet but it will become a more blue colour soon. I have sometimes heard Cheeky say “Cheeky” and in Japanese“What's wrong?” but I thought that I could hear him talking because I wanted him to talk...

Cheeky is a boy.JPG

What do you think? Do you think that his cere is blue? I will start talking lessons again to make him “a bilingual budgie.”

Q2: Is “Shimmering”on our heads a behaviour of mating to another bird? If it is, is it early for a six months old ?
A2: “Shimmering”behaviour is showing affection to us and nothing wrong for Cheeky's age. Some start doing it as early as three months old. I was worried he does it so often but the doctor said that too much “Shimmering” would not be a problem.

Q3: Sleeping hours.
... I forgot to ask about it.

Q4: White beak
A4: The Doctor took Cheeky to his ear and listened to his breathing very carefully... A very nervous moment... Then he said that Cheeky's got a mild infection in his chest that could develop into bronchitis. He gave us medication to be administered in water for five days.

Q5: Overweight
A5: He said to us clearly “Yes, he is chubby”...たらーっ(汗) He should lose around 5g. He reccomended that we keep giving him diet budgie mix. My husband bought it after he saw me removing Canary seeds from Cheeky's food. It was a tiring job, especially after day's computer work. He must have felt sorry for me.
Diet food.JPG

And I used to give Cheeky “White French Millet”because he loved it . The Doctor told me not to give it to him too often. It is too nutricious (too fatty). I did not know. I myself made him “Fatso” without knowing...terrible feelingもうやだ〜(悲しい顔)

The Doctor reccomended we give Cheeky fresh vege and fruits like broccoli, lettuce (not too much), carrot, apple, peach etc.

That is all happened in the doctor's room. No Poo Poo フンtest as I expected. My husband said that Cheeky is not that sick to a have フンtest done because the Doctor said that generally Cheeky was quite healthy. The consulting fee (including medication) cost us $54.00. I don't know if it is expensive or not, I have no idea. My husband said that it is never too expensive for peace of mind and I agree with him. Now I know Cheeky is a boy, he has got mild bronchitis and he has to lose 5g. I also know what aspects I have to be careful about regarding Cheeky's health.

When my husband was paying the fee, I heard the nurses talking about Cheeky, “what beautiful colours he's got!”. Yes, he is beautiful! He is my cute boy黒ハート

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お気に入りの場所 - Favourite place - Guestroom

またまた頑張りましたあせあせ(飛び散る汗) 旦那様家族は果たして楽しんでくれているのでしょうか・・・?こちらは1月29日分です。(ちょっと昨日の分も混ぜてみたりして・・・。)では、ハジマリ、ハジマリー・・・。

Every time we open the cage, she rolls down from the perch and dashes outside雷 She comes to play with us for a while and then flies away. Where do you think she goes?

Favorte place 1 Circle.JPG

To the guest room. She sits on the window ledge fluffed up and chirping to herself. (Can you find her? She is in the red circle.)Though it does not look a comfy place, she stays there for more than half an hour. Why does she like it there? Can you see what there is behind her?

27Jan07 Guest Room.JPG

Can you see now? Have a closer look.

27Jan07 Goldie&Ollie.JPG

Ollie and Goldie are together in their aviary. Is she talking to them? I feel sad to think that if she wants to have a friend ( or a boyfriend as she is a teenager now). We do not think we can have another bird inside our house. One is enough… (There could be more than three if we introduced her to a boyfriend.) Sorry, Cheeky… put up with us. Instead, we'll spoil you as much as we can. You won't be told off even though you get too excited and bite me.

And...there is news! Ollie and Goldie have two babies in their nesting box. I heard a rustling noise from the box and peeped inside… Then I found two skin-coloured thumb-sized little creatures…小鳥小鳥 Such a surprise!! Little Ollie and Goldie are Daddy & Mummy now ! I hope Cheeky is happy for her.

baby 1.JPG

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How we met Cheeky - チーキーとの出会い


How we met Cheeky

When we bought a house, the ex-owner left four beautifull birds in a back yard aviary.

Original 4 Birds.JPG
Above are Bluey and Goldie... Turquoise Parrots.
The bottom photo are the Pinkies ... We could not tell the diference between the two so we just called them the“Pinkies”.

However, I made a terrible mistake and did not close the door properly and the Pinkies few away from the aviary. Two days after the Pinkies escaped, my most favorite, Bluey died suddenly. There was only Goldie left in the aviary where four used to fly around... She did not seem to understand what happened. We rushed to a pet shop and looked for a bird the same as Bluey. We looked at the birds at the shop many times and finally we found a darker colour bird, sitting on a perch very quietly.

Ollie 2.JPG

A lady at shop told us it is a same Turquoise Parrot as Goldie and it's a boy. The lady suggested to us that we may have beautiful birds from Goldie and Ollie (We named him “Ollie” because he is an Olive Turquoise Parrot.) Ollie was a little bit out of our budget but,,," their babies るんるん? " ... We decided that we would buy him. After the big purchase, I got back to myself in the shop as I could hear the bird noises around me ... “Chirp, Chirp Chirp 小鳥” ... chirping away from the back of the bird section of the shop. "Budgie !!"As I wanted a budgie for a long time, I went to have a look at the pretty birds. What a surprise! Budgies cost less than a third of the price of Ollie and so Cute!! I knew my husband would not say “No”Good Another purchase ! I chose Cheeky because she had the closest in colour to my favourite Bluey. Such a pretty,fluffy, little thing! I know I will spoil her as much as I can because she is so cuuuu-teハートたち(複数ハート)

10 Weeks Old.JPG
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